BOE Special Meeting Friday, April 21, 2017 at 6:00 pm.

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Dr. Wilson
April Update
Posted on 03/31/2017
I hope all enjoyed a restful, relaxing Spring Break filled with family, fun, and safety. As we return to regular classes, State Assessments are awaiting. I know that some oppose the tests and many of your concerns are valid. However, I encourage you to view the assessments as an opportunity for a snapshot of your child's progress in those areas the state deems important. The tests are not necessarily an indicator of your child's future success or a reflection of their abilities. They can be used as one (of many) tools to provide you and your student additional insights into his/her performance compared to the level our state has determined he/she should be. Please help your child to do his/her best on the tests and provide them support and encouragement during the coming weeks when the tests are administered. Regular sleep and healthy diet are always important - and test time is certainly no different in that respect. If you have questions or concerns regarding the testing, contact your school's principal and they will seek to assist and clarify for you.  READ MORE...
Brush School District
Brush High School Drug Testing
Posted on 03/11/2017
Brush High School has been working to adopt a RANDOM Drug Testing Policy. Since its adoption by the BOE on February 21, 2017, many questions and rumors have surfaced. This is an attempt to answer a few of these common questions and provide a reference for future questions.  READ MORE...
Camp Invention
Camp Invention 2017 - The LAUNCHPAD for your imagination!
Posted on 02/03/2017
Create your own personal, ultimate spy gadget alarm box by taking apart and upcycling everyday machines. Explore a distant new exoplanet and design inventions to create the next earth. All these and more at Camp Invention!  READ MORE...
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